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All our classes are recognised by health insurance companies. The amount of the contributions varies depending on the complementary insurance. For more information on the amount of the contributions, please contact your health insurance provider.

Posted on 23. June 2024



Above the roofs!

The Pilates studio with the most beautiful view in Biel.

Directly in the shopping zone of Biel. Discover our light-flooded studio with a view over the roofs of the old town.

The 100m2 studio is equipped with all Pilates equipment and has changing rooms. Welcome to the MANA world.


Online Trainings

Our live stream can be watched several times a week from anywhere. Stay connected to MANA from the comfort of your home or even from your vacation. No problem!

Unlimited number of participants
Duration 30 minutes


Cardiolates is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Endurance training paired with Pilates.

Sweating included!

Maximum 7 participants
Duration 55 minutes

Reformer / Tower

The Reformer is the Pilates apparatus par excellence. Unbeatable for a functional whole body training in small groups. Strength, control and mobility are the main focus to prepare your body for the challenges of everyday life.

Ideal also as cross training for other sports.

Maximum 7 participants
Duration 55 minutes


Discover the whole variety of the Pilates repertoire on mat. The focus is on body control, breathing and quality of movement.

Maximum 10 participants
Duration 55 minutes

Pilates 60+

The consistent way to stay in motion. Mobility, coordination and balance are trained to prevent injuries and prevent pain.

Maximum 7 participants
Duration 55 minutes

Personal Training

Would you like professional individual care to quickly reach your health and physical goals? Are you preparing yourself for a sporting performance?

Private courses are the ideal way to do so.

Individual training
Duration 55 minutes


Ahmet Akdeniz

German, French, English, Turkish, Kurdish

+41 79 562 08 11


Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness! 

Since my childhood I have been practicing sports such as football, weight training, running, karate and tennis. Pilates is the perfect build-up and complementary training to all these and many other sports. Be it golf, field hockey, horse riding or skiing. A strong and at the same time agile body is the most important aspect in order to tap the full potential and avoid everyday injuries.

My powerful and sporty approach takes everyone beyond their limits. Let’s experience great moments together and have fun while sweating.


Video Portrait Ahmet

Diplomes ⬇︎
  • Polestar Comprehensive Studio Instructor
    • Complete training on all Pilates equipment
  • IFAS Fitness and Wellness Instructor
  • Certified Kinesio Taping therapist
  • Continuing education
    • Spinal column pathologies
    • Pathologies of the lower limbs
    • Pathologies of the upper limbs
    • Examination and training techniques
    • Anatomy in 3D
  •  Workshops
    • Pilates for low back pain
    • Pilates for men
    • Pilates for the Military


Free trail lesson

Studio Abo

Starting at

CHF 26.- / h

Single lesson: CHF 35.- / h

Abo 10x (valid for 6 months) CHF 330.-
Abo 20x (valid for 6 months) CHF 600.-
Abo 50x (valid for 1 year) CHF 1320.-

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Starting at

CHF 700.- /
3 months

6 months CHF 1200.-
12 months CHF 2000.-

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Personal Training

Starting at

CHF 85.- / h

Single lesson: CHF 110.- / h

Abo 10x CHF 950.-
Abo 20x CHF 1700.-

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Pilates 60+

Starting at

CHF 21.- / h

Single lesson: CHF 35.- / h

Abo 10x (valid 6 months) CHF 300.-
Abo 20x (valid 6 months) CHF 500.-
Abo 50x (valid 1 year) CHF 1040.-

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Online Personal Training

Starting at

CHF 50.- / h

Single lesson: CHF 50.- / h

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Nidaugasse 8
2502 Bienne

Ahmet Akdeniz